Phlavor Profiles began as a blog. In 2011 The Pig Parts & Beer blog was launched. It featured all things Filipino within the food and drink space. Pig Parts & Beer even hosted the first Filipino Food and Beer Pairing in Los Angeles. After a few years of blogging, Pig Parts & Beer decided to use our networking skills to tell Filipino American stories through the lens of food. The first episode of the Phlavor Profiles podcast was published in 2017. Phlavor Profiles produced four great seasons, still available on all streaming platforms, and Phlavor Profiles is in production for another. Phlavor Profiles, the online store, offers specially designed, carefully curated apparel and products.


In 2008, I opened Butter Tart, a café dedicated to my Filipino-Canadian roots. It was a beloved neighborhood spot that offered “delicious, not nutritious” tasty eats (spam breakfast sandwiches, coconut milk cupcakes, fresh coffee, butter tarts with bacon).We were well received by the community and media. Unfortunately, I had to make the difficult decision to close the business during “the great recession”. Fortunately, I kept ownership of the property and made lifelong friendships, particularly in the food world.


Blogging was a big deal a decade ago and I, like so many, decided to “blog”. I blogged about what I had seen and continued to see, an emerging, unapologetic, Filipino food and culture scene. I highlighted the people, places and products of Filipino Americans within food and drink spaces. We collaborated with another blog to host the first Filipino Food and Beer pairing event, The Pleasure of Pig Parts & Beer, in 2011.


Multicultural cake toppers/keepsakes, 2014. No Longer Available.